A friend of ours is going to the city for the weekend. Since the city is 2 hours away, we usually pick things up for each other while we’re there.

Friend-“Hey, we’re going to the city for the weekend. Want me to get you anything?”

Nerd Wife-“A blonde in a Union Jack. A specific one; I didn’t just wake up this morning with a craving.”


Nerd Wife has come to see me at work. I am trying to convince her to just take me home with her.

Me-“You can just take me home now. No one will notice.”

Nerd Wife-“You can not get fired from your job.”

Me-“I wouldn’t be fire fired, I would be quitting. You make it sound like a bad thing.”

Nerd Wife-“Uprooting our family again is a bad thing, Bob.”

Me-“My name’s not… oh, cheeky wife. I see what you did there.”

Nerd Wife grew up in the same small town we currently live in. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, and she isn’t particularly fond of being remembered as that sweet “(Nerd Wife’s MAiden Name)” girl.

Random Citizen-“Oh, Nerd Wife, you moved back!”

Nerd Wife-“Yes, I did.”

Random Citizen-“What are you doing now?”

Nerd Wife-“I do HR and Accounting for -local company-. But this time of year, I mostly just blow stuff up for money.”

Random Citizen-“…nice seeing you again.”

And now we have reached the end of this photo album. This is us eating dinner as we left Dallas. (Ok, so it’s actually Tree Man posing with all the waitresses, but you get the drift.)
Nerd Wife and I will be attending SoonerCon on June 28-30th. We’ll have lots of pictures after then.

Nerd Wife is visiting the parents. They are watching “Failure to Launch.” This is Nerd Wife’s Text history.

-I hate this movie.

-Why are we watching this.

-Matthew McConaughhey is a flaming bag of dicks.

-Why can’t we just watch Iron Man?


Nerd Wife saw these guys from a distance and ran aftem screaming “BUBBBBBBBLE GUUUUUNNN!!!”
-Please note, Nerd Wife doesn’t play TF2. I don’t even think she’s seen anyone play TF2. How does she even know these things?!?!

Nerd Wife went to the store to pick up some comic books. She gathered up several and went to check out. Her cashier was female, late thirties, early forties.

Nerd Wife-*hands over the stack of comic books*

Cashier-“Oh, My Little Pony? My grand-nieces love those.”

Nerd Wife-“Oh, those are for my husband.”


Nerd Wife-“Oh, and Deadpool is mine! Look, he’s got a Mario cover!”

Nerd Wife and Tree Man are playing D&D. She is a dwarf barbarian, he is a human rogue/wizard.

Nerd Wife-“All right, fairy boy, let’s move.”

Tree Man-“Hey, I’m not a fairy.”

Nerd Wife-“You’re long, thin, and pretty. No one sees you when you move, you can fly, and you wave your little wand, sparks shoot out, and magic happens. You’re a fairy. Now, let’s move.”

Tree Man-“Whatever. Allons-y.”

Nerd Wife-“…You even speak the language of the fae.”

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